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Tax Reform on Fast Track

By: Paul Suplizio, WOTC Coalition President

An emergency meeting of the Republican caucus last night apparently resulted in just enough assurance that any repeal will be softened by a formula equalizing the burden between high-tax and low-tax states.

Both Senate and House having now passed identical budget resolutions, reconciliation is in effect for both tax reform and another try at repealing Obamacare.

Speaker Paul Ryan says the House tax reform bill being finalized by Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady will be released next week.

When Brady schedules a mark-up of the bill, our supporters in Ways and Means must be ready with an amendment to make WOTC permanent if it’s not in the chairman’s mark. As there are 24 Republicans and 16 Democrats on Ways and Means, 21 votes will be needed to pass an amendment for permanent WOTC if the chairman opposes the amendment.

We are counting on five Republicans (Reed, Jenkins, Paulsen, Kelly, and Curbelo) to join sixteen Democrats to form a majority—provided all are present for the vote or give their proxy (it’s our job to assure they’re ready to offer the amendment and that they’ll be there to vote).

In the meantime, we are continuing to urge Republican newcomers to the committee (Tom Rice, SC; David Schweikert, AZ; Jackie Walorski, IN; Kristi Noem, SD; and Mike Bishop, MI, to add their votes when the WOTC amendment comes up.

We are mustering all our resources behind this effort. We need everyone to join in!