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Great News! The Conference Agreement allows WOTC to continue through December 31, 2019. Read the details from WOTC Coalition President below.

The Conference Report on H.R. 1 states on page 810:

The Conference Agreement does not follow the House bill provision.”

This section of the Report shows the Conference considered the House proposal for WOTC repeal, the end result being that the House deferred to the Senate, leaving current law unchanged. This allows WOTC to continue till December 31, 2019.

Veterans scored a noteworthy success maintaining the deduction for student loans discharged for death or disability (p. 75).

Another breakthrough is adoption of Senator Tim Scott’s bill establishing “Opportunity Zones,” similar to the expired Empowerment Zones (p. 355).

The tax bill doesn’t currently authorize WOTC for Opportunity Zone employers and residents, but bringing WOTC to these zones will be an important goal for our 2018 campaign.

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