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In 1982 MARS Inc., one of a handful of national tax credit service providers, moved their corporate offices from Dallas, TX to Missoula, MT. That move brought Dr. Fred J. Stout and his wife Gayle into corporate partnership along with Jack Stephens and Beverly Kiker. This move, 5 years later, grew into what is now MARS STOUT, Inc.

We are three generations strong with most of us having been involved with WOTC since its 1996 introduction; a rarity in this industry. We are founding members of the WOTC Coalition of more than 500 employers and organizations. The Coalition represents veterans, the handicapped, minorities and others supporting the WOTC programs which are key components to employment opportunities for over one million disabled and disadvantaged workers each year. We’ve grown from a 1983 start-up to one of the most well-respected tax credit advisory services in the country, while along the way, securing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits and incentives for the clients that we serve.

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  • MARS STOUT - outstanding customer service and going the extra mile, teamwork to attain our compliance goals, warm, friendly environment, state of the art systems, a level of service just not found anywhere else!

    Regional Executive-National Top 5 Retailer
  • Our screening compliance jumped from 60% to 98% when we changed from our previous consultant and began using MARS STOUT as our tax credit service provider….this has been a huge time saver for our managers….the transition over to your service was smooth, efficient and seamless….MARS STOUT has delivered on your promises….thank you for helping us improve our tax credit program and achieve our goal to increase our tax credits.

    HR Vice President - Major National Retailer
  • You have worked diligently over the years with members of the House and Senate to approve the extension of the Work Opportunity and Welfare-to-Work tax credits.

    Tax Manager-National Manufacturing Company

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